Out of Many, One - Painting

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"Out of Many, One" Original Painting

Acrylic, USD, and Bitcoin Whitepaper on Wood Panel (2019) - Size Two 12" W x 12" H Side by Side

“E pluribus unum”, Latin for “Out of many, one”, is a United States motto that can be found on all American paper currency. In this painting, monkeys wear war helmets made of US dollars. They blindly follow the policies and judgment of the State. On their helmets you can spot "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”, but even with this blatant evidence of misuse and corruption the monkeys are still controlled by the red lasers across their eyes. On the first piece, there is a single woman wearing orange bitcoin warpaint and the bitcoin whitepaper lines her back. She has discovered the truth. She chooses to be one out of many.

In the next piece, the woman is no longer alone. Others have also gained control of their own identities. Out of many, the women collectively stand as one.