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Auction for Venezuela

"Resistencia" - 2019

Original: 1  |  Print Supply: 50  |  NFT Supply: 1

Acrylic, Bolivars & Bitcoin Whitepaper on Canvas 30"x40"

An auction will be held at the Pantera Blockchain Summit to raise money for Venezuela. The single NFT #0 will be given to the lucky bidder that wins the physical artwork.

Purchase physical prints here:

100% of proceeds donated to non-profit 501(c)(3) Panas en Chicago.

Resistencia is a painting of my incredibly brave friend, Mariana, from Venezuela. She recently moved to the United States and obtained political asylum status to escape the swiftly deteriorating situation in Venezuela. It is not just an economic crisis but a humanitarian crisis. I created this art to bring attention to the situation and to help the people of Venezuela. Even though this is a small gesture, anything we can do will help.  Here is a direct quote from Mariana. 

“Venezuela. Economic crisis is not all. It is the famine, the medicine shortage, the corruption, the political persecution, the unfairness, all the families separated, the deaths & unfortunately there’s more. Venezuelans are suffering in an unimaginable ways because an unfair and illegitimate government. 

I’m Mariana Rojas Latouche and I was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela. I left Venezuela in 2017 and now Im Political asylum granted in USA. I’m constantly talking about my country trying to make people outside of Venezuelan understand that everything is beyond news. Unfortunately my country has been collapsing for many years and it's getting worse. 

Josie Bellini made this work in consequence of all the mistreatment we are living. She got so interested in my culture and country that it inspired her to help. She decided to speak for us, to show the world how vulnerable we are. And she decided to help us in an remarkable way as donating all the profits of this piece of Art to a several Venezuelan Organizations that will help Venezuelan people in need.”

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