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NFT Release || Tune In

"Tune In" - 2019

Original: 1  |  Print Supply: 20  |  NFT Supply: 21

Acrylic on Wood Panel 24"x24"

NFTs were sold as a pair with the print. All prints and NFTs have been spoken for. “Tune In” depicts a woman gazing confidently with the Ethereum logo painted on her face. She represents the readiness of our ecosystem to go forth and build the future of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) & virtual worlds. This piece acts as a timestamp for the NFT ecosystem in early 2019. In the background, we see CryptoPunks, Cryptovoxels, CryptoKitties, Chain Breakers, Autoglyphs, Neon District, Plasma Bears, and Decentraland. Have you tuned in?

Later Event: July 3
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